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World Regions Testimonials

“Boyer is hands-down the best professor I have ever had, not only in college, but in my academic career as a whole.”

“Great teacher. He made the class really interesting/fun and in a way that helped me learn a lot about the topic.”

“I came into this class thinking that it was going to be a push over class and that it would just be a fun time, but I actually learned a lot of important things that are going on in our world and I feel like it is important for everyone to know these things.”

“Best.Course.In.VT ! Following current events everyday now. Know so much more about the world. I Go to every class just because I want to. I will probably go his classes next semester just to learn more. THANKS smile

“Great class, more should be taught this way. Instead of trying to have students memorize things that can easily be found online, get them thinking critically about the world around them.”

“This course was awesome!. It was by far the best class I have taken or will ever take. The material was so interesting and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I don't think i've ever paid attention more in any other class than this one. I never wanted to miss it!”

“Boyer was awesome. Extremely enthusiastic. I actually enjoyed going to class for once. It was nice having a teacher that taught really well and didn't want you to fail.”

“Best teacher at Virginia Tech. Everyone loves him and he explains thing great.”

“This class was awesome. Definitely my favorite out of all the courses I have taken at VT.”

“Professor Boyer is a fantastic, knowledgeable teacher who makes the material interesting and the class very enjoyable. He is by far one of my favorite professors and I feel that I have learned so much about various Regions around the world in his class, which has helped me to better understand what I read in the news as well as how countries interact. His ability to relate to his students and present the class material in a fascinating manner makes him a gem among the Virginia Tech staff.”

“Probably one of the best classes I have taken at Virginia Tech. Obviously a knowledgeable man that is more concerned about learning and getting interactive with the students rather than deadlines, grades, and getting through the textbook. I have never learned this much from one class or been more stimulated.”

“BOYER ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! He's a wonderful and knowledgeable professor! I love how humble and truthful he is. He's not like average americans who only want to listen what they want to listen about the history/present economy/politic issues in the world.”

“This class was fabulous! Absolutely my favorite class taken at Virginia Tech so far. All of the material was so relevant to everyday life & I know it will impact how I look at the world for the rest of my life. Everyone should have to take the course, it is incredibly useful! Overall pretty easy course...yet I still learned more in this course than I did in many of my other courses in college! Professor Boyer is the best! He made class so interesting. Not only does he know what he's talking about, he relates it to his students with the Plaid Avenger & just being a hip guy to begin with. I love him!”

“I really enjoyed this class. My favorite at Tech so far! I feel like I have so much of a better understanding of the world now.”

“By far one of the best classes at VT taught by an amazing professor. Keep on keeping it real!”

“I thought it was great approach to learning about world regions”

“Best course taken in my 4 years at Virginia Tech.”

“I am very happy I took this class. Professor Boyer does an excellent job of explaining complicated matters in a way that is understandable to college students. He made me able to understand the news more and understand why things are happening in the world. I think many college students are lacking knowledge as to what is going on in the rest of the world. I think this course should be required for all students to take.”

“Great course. Very impressed with how much I learned. I feel like a more intelligent, or at least better prepared for what the world will bring, individual as a result.”

“The use of technology in this course was very helpful for outside resources. The professor used podcasts for extra learning assignments, and had office hours online so that he could reach and answer questions to more people at once. Also the online office hours allowed the chance for more time with the professor.”

“Professor Boyer is the best professor at Virginia Tech. I pity any Hokie that comes through this school without taking his class.”

“Boyer does an amazing job at explaining the subject matter and it is clear that he is passionate about the course and making his students undestand how the world works.”

“John Boyer is the BEST TEACHER I HAVE HAD AT TECH and probably will be the best I ever have. He is amazing!!!! If he teaches any other classes I want to take them because he's awesome.”

“As a senior Professor Boyer has been my favorite professor I have had at Virginia Tech. He knows the subject in and out and can communicate the material in a way that I will never be able to forget. So thank you!”

“I can't believe everything I have taken from this course! I think it should be a requirement for every major truly! I now feel like I can hold a conversation about the World or politics or foreign affairs, and these are all things I didn't even really see as that important before this! I am very happy I had this course and I believe it has made me a better person. Thank you Dr. Boyer. smile

“Everything about the course was absolutely perfect. I loved this class.”

“Professor Boyer is one of the best teachers I have ever had, I am able to retain large amounts of information from his lectures because he makes the material stimulating”

“I felt Boyer was an exceptional professor. I would take his class again.”

“I loved this class! Not only is Professor Boyer awesome, the material was made extremely interesting. This could have been just another boring history/geography class, but Professor Boyer has changed the way I look at today's world.”

“Best teacher as far as making the class fun, and learning a lot in one semester”

“This course has no flaws and Professor Boyer is just about the most amazing man dropped on Earth!!!!”

“One of the best courses I've participated in during my college career. The material taught is engaging and extremely relevant to life, the textbook easy to read, and the supplemental podcasts a great means of staying up to date on current events. My only complaint is why is Boyer not compensated more? Seriously, he is an exceptional asset to this university. You can believe me when I say this, as I am not easily won over by flamboyant theatrics [ie chris neck]. His salary ought to reflect his worth at least a little... So give the guy a raise already!”

“This class was phenomenal. Boyer really has his own method of teaching which is absolutely effective. Loved the class and think Boyer should run for Presidency. He's the man!”

“This class was awesome. Interesting everyday and a joy to attend. Huge appreciation gained for politics!!”

“This professor is absolutely phenomenal. He makes the lesson incredibly stimulating and presents the material in very creative fashions. I recommend this professor to everyone at Tech, no exceptions. This course is perfect with Boyer. DO NOT CHANGE A DAMN THING”

“Professor Boyer is a great teacher and really knows what he is talking about. He is passionate about what he is teaching and really wants his students to understand what he is talking about rather than just memorize it. The exams are tough, but classes are really exciting and makes up for them”

“Boyer is awesome. His teaching style is easy, it helps me remember the subject matter, and makes the class more fun than the average class.”

“This class was amazing. Boyer made me want to come to class. He made the subject matter very interesting and presented it in a way that I could understand it. The textbook was also great. It was the first time I ever read a complete textbook cover to cover. I learned so much about the world in this class, and even though I am a biology major, this has been the most interesting class I have taken.”

“Literally the best course I've taken here, and I'm a senior. Boyer does a great job of making all of the information relevant and uses layman's terms to explain world happenings. I recommend this class to everyone I meet.”

“Professor Boyer has been one of my favorite instructors thus far. He is truly gifted in teaching.”

“John Boyer taught me more about the world we live in and current events than I had ever learned in the past combined. His teaching style is not like any other professors and is much more effective. His textbook was the only one I had no problem with dishing out money for. You're the man JB!”

“best class ive ever taken at any level at any school. Boyer is an excellent educator and connects with the younger generation. great class.”

“The exams are a little hard, only because there are so many questions and so much subject matter that we went over. But I have learned more in this class than any of my other classes this semester, and it was my favorite one to go to! Professor Boyer is hilarious, which gets his students active and interested, and he really relates the information to us well. Great class, great professor. I can't wait to take Geography of Wine!”

“I loved this course. I wish it could be two semesters so I could have Boyer again and so I could learn more about world regions.”

“This course was probably one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken.The assignments were fair and were helpful in reminding me of key points from the reading.”

“I have nothing bad to say about Dr. Boyer. His lectures were truly interesting, fun, and I feel that every single time I left his class I understood the world so much more than when I came in.”

“Its an amazing class that I would say most kids should take simply because they are so ignorant to whats going on in the world”

“Although controversial to some, he gets the job done and teaches the material very effectively”

“Professor Boyer is the best professor that I could have asked for. Not only did I learn the material, but I enjoyed learning it. Give him a raise and a Nobel Prize, he deserves it!”

“I absolutely LOVED this class; it was without a doubt my favorite class of my undergraduate career. Prof. Boyer made learning fun, interactive, and interesting. My only regret is not taking this class earlier, because I am positive that doing so would have changed my academic direction. Thank you!!!!!!!!”

“This class is awesome; everyone should take it! You actually learn a lot by the end of the semester, but he is able to present it in a way that appeals to college students!”

“Professor Boyer was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He made the class interesting and really enjoyable to attend.”

“Boyer is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He really knows his stuff about world events, and communicated it in a way that was easy to understand, yet very informative. I have learned so much about the world in this class and for the first time in my life, I am interested in history. Extremely educational and awesome class. ”

“This course was amazing! I've never learned so much about current events or global happenings as I have in this class. Professor Boyer is one hell of a teacher and definitely knows how to communicate to college kids today in order to help them learn about global history and how things are the way they are today.”

“His teaching methods are effective and I gain a lot of knowledge about why and how regions react with one another.”

“Great class. Never have been a fan of world history and politics but Prof. Boyer has put these topics in a new perspective for me.”

“John Boyer is an excellent teacher. I learned more in World Regions than any other class. He has inspired me to pay attention to global news and read the news everyday. Great teacher!”

“LOVED the course! I would take it every semester if I was allowed. I learned a lot, and I feel like it was all stuff I should have already known about the world, history, politics, and current events. I know friends taking it next semester, so I will probably be visiting just to gain some more knowledge or refresh smile

“Professor Boyer was an amazing teacher to have. He's a legend here at Va tech and I really loved his class.”

“John Boyer is absolutely amazing, he makes things that most people breezed over and were bored with in High School history interesting. AND he makes us more informed citizens. This dude only makes like 50,000 a year, according to the collegiate times salary database, somebody needs to give him a raise...SERIOUSLY! Or set up some sort of online fund where students can donate money to him. I don't think most people know how much this class helps us in becoming a more informed citizen. In short...give this dude a raise.”

“Professor Boyer is by far the best teacher at Virginia Tech. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs a free elective and enjoys learning about other regions of the world”

“John Boyer is the best and most well prepared professor I've had for any course thus far. The textbook that he MAKES himself is incredible and I will be using it for later references. The way he teaches just "makes sense" and I would rate him no lower than extraordinary.”

“The class was very intellectually stimulating and for the first time I was actually interested in history and current events. I took time to learn things, because I was inspired by the class.”

“best class and instructor I have had at Virginia Tech. Boyer got me totally interested in the world around me, made me realize how important global issues are, and made class enjoyable. Excellent, Excellent teacher! Virginia Tech needs more professors like John Boyer!”

“This has been the best class i've taken at Virginia Tech... the amount of actual learning i've had in this class is leaps and bounds above any other that i've ever taken.”

“The blogs were great because they relate lecture information with world news.”

“I loved this class. I learned a lot about our world and current events and feel that I have a greater understanding of global issues and politics.”

“Amazing teacher and class. I honestly feel that I am a more critical thinker when it comes to world issues and life.”

“Best Professor. Makes class material fun and exciting. Learned the most of any of my other classes this semester.”

“Professor Boyer is a great instructor who keeps the class involved and actively participating. The quizzes and exams are reasonable and build directly off of what is discussed in class.”

“Boyer is one of the best if not the best teachers I have had since I have been at VT. He is so passionate and really makes the class interesting and relevant to current events. Awesome awesome teacher!!!”

“Despite having a good understanding of the world, I have taken a lot from this class. A better perspective of how the world works has been gained.”

“Boyer is the best instructor at Virginia Tech. I would rather have an instructor who, in pursuit of teaching students, goes against the grain rather than with it.”

“John Boyer is the best teacher I have had. He actually makes the subject matter interesting and makes it conducive to retain information. I wish more teachers approached teaching like he did.”

“This is one of the very few classes that I feel I have learned something important in. Also, I like how the focus is on learning and simply getting a grade. I LEARNED SOMETHING IN A COLLEGE COURSE, GO FIGURE!!!”

“This class is amazing. I never missed a class because it was so much fun to go to and the things that I learned from this class are so useful in today's world. I have a greater understanding of world events and this class made me want to read the news and understand the world even more.”

“The way Dr. Boyer taught this course was awesome; I did not have to try to remember information because he made it memorable when he taught it. I learned so much in this class!”

“I absolutely loved this class and honestly learned a lot from it. It has piqued my interest in the world and lead me to want to further learn about the world and how it works.”

“Every Teacher should teach this way, never have I been able to comprehend a subject so well. Boyer for president.”

“I think the best thing about this course that it made me care more about what was going on in the rest of the world. It initiated me to read more news issues on my own time, and to really understand that there is more going on than what is seen through my eyes only. This is definitely one of the best classes during my four years here at Virginia Tech.”

“He spoke in terms that were easy to follow and understand, yet explained in precise detail- it was blatantly obvious that Boyer knows what he is talking about. Also had different modes of teaching and ways to earn credit- you chose how you most efficiently worked and how you want to earn your credit. However he made sure that there was no easy way to earn said credit, forcing you to learn one way or another.”

“Professor Boyer is very good at being enthusiastic and relating it to the students and he makes the subject of World Regions very interesting and something that students want to be a part of during the course.”

“It is easy to see how much Dr. Boyer enjoys what he is doing. He is full of energy, extremely entertaining, and a natural comedian. I looked forward to this class every week”

“He made it fun and intriguing. It was easy to pay attention because he kept everyone interested in the material and his spunky attitude is awesome.”

“Boyer is very enthusiastic about teaching and knows how to connect well with students which made learning very enjoyable and stress-free. I wish more classes would adopt this point-earning system.”

“He made things that happened all around the world seem closer. I was able to relate to current events and also history in ways I never have been before.”

“He is so enthusiastic! I learned a lot about politics and about each individual leader of the world. Definitely used geography as a tool to explain the history and progress of our economies.”

“John Boyer's magnetic personality and high energy teaching style kept me engaged; he also answered any questions with real world practicality.”

“The instructor was very active and positive in presenting the material. Frequently, he made sure he interacted with as much of the class as possible. He understands his presentations well enough to be able to explain them in more detail without constantly reading from them word by word like many other professors do.”

“The instructor provided an exceptional environment for learning. With a class of 3,000 he offered several opportunities for the students to ask questions and achieve a desirable grade.”

“I actually learned so much in this course. I would even go back to it in the following semesters just to keep up with current affairs and the likes. I was a helper for this class so I got a little picture of the magnitude of work it takes to run a class for 2700 people. John Boyer obviously knows his stuff and I think he did a wonderful job of sharing his knowledge with the students.”

“The structure of his class, the point system he uses for grading, his sense of humor, his incredible knowledge of current events and world politics, his attitude and compassion he has for teaching and his students, and his love for Virginia Tech. Boyer is one of the best professors I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class for.”

“I really love the way he talks about the material. You can tell that Boyer really loves his job and what he talks about. He is extremely knowledgable and he made me want to actually know about current events. High school never offered anything like this and so actually having someone explain in detail and with enthusiasm made it really easy to understand and learn.”

“John Boyer made the material he taught so interesting and really emphasized the importance of having a global perspective. You could see that in the passion he has when teaching. He also brought the material down to a basic level so we could understand more instead of using big words and long sentences like other teachers, his was basic but still incredibly rewarding and effective.”

“In my experience, large lecture classes often leave me feeling like I've been left behind and that the teacher doesn't even know who I am. I know that in a class of 3000, Boyer recognizes me. He might not remember my name, but he knows I'm in his class and what I've been doing. The outside events are stimulating, the tests and quizzes are fair and helpful, we talk about current events...there isn't one thing that MOST helped - everything worked together. NEVER in my 5 years at VT have I learned this much in one class.”

“I really liked the social media aspect of the class. It was very easy to keep up with what was assigned. It also made him very accessible. If I needed to get in touch with him, I could just send him a tweet.”

“He is very energetic and provided multiple ways for us to learn. I like that the class is "point based", I wish all the classes were like that. It is nice because someone who doesn't like taking tests doesn't necessarily have to because they can do anything that they do enjoy in order to earn points. I also like that this class was very up to date on technology and he is always looking to learn new things to improve the class by using technology. The class is a little long but he makes jokes and has a good sense of humor that engages the rest of the students and makes people want to listen. He also tries to make the information relatable.”

“Professor Boyer covered a ton of material, but in a way that was very understandable; also, his methods, although perhaps unorthodox, made current events memorable and interesting. His lectures about current events and the history were most helpful, but he also provided students with access to a variety of different tools, including online office hours.”

“The video lectures were the most helpful and engaging. Boyer's enthusiasm really goes a long way in presenting the material in an interesting, accessible way. Embracing new technologies really adds to the class and helps the material be presented in ways that anyone can appreciate.”